When you or someone you love has been accused of a criminal offense, you need a San Diego criminal defense attorney who can immediately spring into action and provide the assistance that you need, in a timely fashion. At Dan Rodgers Legal, we specialize in providing you with the legal representation that you need, so that you can receive a favorable outcome.

While some defendants may try to save money by serving as their own representative or hiring a public defender, the reality of the matter is that both of these decisions can lead to dire long term consequences and increased financial obligations.

The fines and jail time that result from a refusal to hire a San Diego criminal defense attorney are a penalty that most defendants are not willing to pay and when you hire an attorney with the proper expertise, you can steer clear of such fates.

With the help of an attorney, you can develop a clearer understanding of the charges that you are currently facing and the options that you have available to you going forward. When you speak with the experienced legal representatives at Dan Rodgers Legal, you are able to tap into their wealth of knowledge regarding cases just like yours.

Criminal defense attorney can draw on their connections to provide you with valuable legal assistance, as well. Since they have handled cases just like yours in the past, they have built valuable relationships with judges and prosecutors in your area, relationships that give you an opportunity to receive a far more lenient punishment than what you may have otherwise been entitled to.

For example, plea bargains are a common outcome when it comes to cases that are being tried in a criminal court, but this outcome is not usually available to someone who does not hire an attorney to serve as their helpful guide to situations such as these. A judge and prosecutor are far more likely to take your case to trial if you have not hired legal representation, as this suggests to them that you are not taking your case with the utmost level of seriousness.

Thanks to Dan Rodgers Legal, you no longer have to serve as your own attorney or receive substandard legal advice from inexperienced attorneys. You can obtain top notch legal representation as soon as you have been made aware of a current arrest or an impending investigation, which gives you the opportunity to prepare a case before it is too late.

Time is always of the essence during any legal procedure and none more so than a criminal trial. If you find yourself facing criminal charges, be sure to contact Dan Rodgers Legal to find out more about your available options as soon as possible.