San Diego Dui Lawyer- Dan Rodgers

DUI laws in San Diego can be very complicated. There are penalties involved that can be a harrowing experience throughout a few weeks or even a few years. Your record may follow you. You may have to go through a lot of legalese to find out that your record is permanently impaired. The reality is that your best chances of avoiding serious long-term consequences of conviction is to work with a San Diego DUI lawyer who is experienced and ready to represent you.

With Dan Rodgers, you’re safe. You have the knowledgeable and experienced partner who can work for you to make sense of the case. Without the right representation, you may fall victim to a much longer and arduous sentence than required. Dan Rodgers will fight for your rights. There are many penalties and they can range from moderate to severe depending on the circumstances. You also can end up facing liability for negligence if additional civil lawsuits are filed. Before the problem gets worse- contact the person who can help you maneuver through all of the laws and legal processes that are going to happen.

As a highly qualified DUI defense attorney, Dan Rodgers can offer you information on:

  • The first DUI- you will learn about the possible penalties involved and how your San Diego DUI lawyer can help you
  • Multiple DUIs- Your penalties can increase exponentially with multiple offenses. Here is where your lawyer can not only explain the best decisions, but also represent you for your best results
  • Felony DUI- This can be a serious situation and trying to maneuver through without the proper guidance. Never fall into this condition without a qualified and experienced representative to guide the way
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs- Like a general DUI, this is a crime and having a San Diego DUI lawyer to explain your options and how to best manage the situation.

When you are charged with a DUI in San Diego, you likely will have many questions about the charges, how to defend yourself, the court process and what to expect in coming weeks and months. San Diego DUI lawyer Dan Rodgers can explain important answers and address all of your questions as related to the DUI charges.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you need to turn to a reliable and informed lawyer. Dan Rodgers is the person to be a partner in the situation with you. With years of experience, and hundreds of successful DUI cases under his belt, he can help you manage the most opportune outcome. Contact the law offices today for your free consultation. Don’t wait—get someone on your side who knows what the next steps need to be to save your future.