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If you or a loved one has been accused of driving under the influence, the resulting charges can be a difficult pill to swallow. When you find yourself in a situation of this nature, it is time to contact Dan Rodgers Legal, so that you can receive timely answers to all of your most important questions, including “what does a DUI lawyer do?”

Handling your own arraignment, receiving your own copy of the police report and researching the consequences of your charges are all aspects of the case that you can face by yourself, but a DUI lawyer’s presence is still necessary during the remainder of your legal proceedings.

Once you have formed your own opinion about the validity of your case, it is time to contact a lawyer, so that you can have access to more experienced perspectives. While we can always perform our own research on these matters, a DUI lawyer has been through it all and seen even more, which allows their opinions to lend far more weight than their clients’.

Some clients are able to handle an initial DUI charge on their own, but once you have been accused of this crime for a second time, the presence of a DUI lawyer is pivotal. Since a guilty plea is typically the common outcome for the majority of DUI cases, having a lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process is crucial.

For some, the concept of spending money on a DUI lawyer may seem silly. After all, if a guilty conviction is the most likely outcome to the case, why bother spending any money on a lawyer who is going to produce the same result that you would have been able to receive without their assistance?

However, a DUI lawyer is able to provide you with an increased ability to reach a plea bargain that is mutually beneficial to both sides of the equation. Let’s say that your blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, but you were not showing any obvious signs of intoxication during your field sobriety test.

A quality DUI lawyer can convince the judge and the prosecutor that have been assigned to allow you to plead guilty to a less severe crime, in exchange for a lighter sentence. By hiring a DUI lawyer, you maximize the chances of receiving a favorable outcome and obtain the proper guidance that you require so that you are not left with a conviction that severely hinders your long term livelihood.

“What does a DUI lawyer do?” is a common question that is asked by those who have yet to face a charge of this nature and while it may seem fiscally irresponsible to hire a lawyer when you are likely to receive a guilty conviction, be sure to remember that all DUI convictions are not created equally. When you are uncertain, contact Dan Rodgers Legal and hire a lawyer immediately.